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We asked all political parties to make a clear statement with regards to comprehensively assessing, and making public, the current and future liabilities associated with oil and gas remediation and reclamation in Alberta.
We asked them whether they would commit to implementing the collection and independent verification of  reclamation liability cost estimates for oil and gas infrastructure through the Alberta Energy Regulator both in opposition and if they formed government.
This is how they responded:
Alberta Liberal Party 
  • Committed to ensuring best practices in reclamation liability cost estimates

  • Committed to publicly releasing cost estimates

Alberta Party 
  • No response​

Alberta New Democratic Party
  • Committed to implementing clear timelines for abandoned oil and gas well cleanup

  • Committed to implementing new corporate health measures on asset sales

  • Commitment to meeting of ALDP representatives and Energy and Environment Ministers if elected 

United Conservative Party
  • No response​

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