Our mission is to ensure the Alberta government no longer neglects its obligation to collect and disclose accurate, independently verified information about oil and gas liabilities. We aim to ensure that all political parties make clear commitments to address this urgent and ongoing issue.

Alberta’s oil and gas liabilities have been growing for decades, with reported estimates ranging from $58 to $260 billion. Only $1.5 billion is held in securities to protect Albertan taxpayers from the risk of being left on the hook for these costs. If the issue of backlogged and unsecured oil and gas liabilities is allowed to stay quiet, the problem will simply continue to grow, with no true transparency around its scale and scope.


Long-term solutions to this problem will need to be both collaborative and practical. However, in order to find such solutions, all stakeholders must have access to accurate information about the true costs to clean up all active and inactive oil and gas infrastructure in Alberta.


ALDP is an independent and non-partisan initiative pushing for accurate and transparent government-level data pertaining to Alberta’s oil and gas liabilities.

"Don’t let big oil corporations impose their huge toxic liabilities onto Alberta taxpayers. They should pay to clean up their mess - orphan wells, toxic tailing pits and much else. Let’s demand accurate data on the total costs of oil and gas liabilities as a start to the clean up that can fruitfully employ many Albertans."

— Gordon Laxer, Founding Director, Parkland Institute


We envision responsible management and cleanup of Alberta's oil and gas liabilities to reduce the fiscal, environmental, and health risks to which the public is currently exposed. The first step toward more responsible management must be significantly improved liability data collection and transparency and independent verification of this data at the government level.​



I believe that the Alberta government must no longer neglect its obligation to collect and disclose accurate, independently verified information about oil and gas liabilities. Sign our petition to make this an important government priority.



​​Individuals (selected)
  • Robert Ascah, Former Director, University of Alberta Institute for Public Economics
  • Regan Boychuk, Researcher
  • Vern Bretin, Alberta Farmer & Landowner
  • David J Cooper, Emeritus Professor of Accounting; University of Alberta
  • Emily Eaton, Associate Professor of Geography; University of Regina
  • Gordon Laxer, Founding Director of The Parkland Institute
  • Thomas Schneider, Associate Professor of Accounting; Ryerson University
  • David Swann, Retired MLA and Former Leader of the Alberta Opposition
Organizations (selected)
  • AbPolEcon
  • Alberta Wilderness Association
  • Climate Justice Edmonton
  • Climate Justice Saskatoon
  • The Council of Canadians
  • Dorin Land and Oilfield Management
  • Keepers of the Athabasca
  • Progress Alberta
  • Reclaim Alberta



For any questions or comments, email aldpcoalition@gmail.com

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